Jersey Artisan Distilling
32B Pier Lane West, Fairfield, NJ- 07004     view map

In the autumn of 2010, Brant Braue was asked by his brother, "If you could wake up tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?" After a few days of thought, the answer came to him: I would open and run a distillery. Over the next few months, he thought about this & realized that this dream could be a reality. And so Jersey Artisan Distilling was born.

After many months of hard work, Jersey Artisan Distilling is now the first distillery to open in New Jersey since Prohibition ended. We are going to focus on making our spirits in the classic style, using modernized versions of the techniques that have made spirits great since colonial times.


James F.C. Hyde Sorgho Whiskey bottle by Jersey Artisan Distilling, craft spirit distributed in Boston and Massachusetts

James F.C. Hyde Sorgho Whiskey

Master distiller Brant Braue, using copper pot distillation, has produced an authentic American whiskey of exceptional flavor and character that captures the very essence of lush sweet sorghum, both i...

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