Tamworth Garden Apiary Gin

Tamworth Garden Apiary Gin bottle by Transcendental Spirits, LLC, craft spirit distributed in Boston and Massachusetts

Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile

Tamworth Garden Apiary Gin


Apiary Gin celebrates the efforts of the most industrious workers around us: our local bees. Distilled with juniper berries, hand-foraged Poplar buds, Red Clover flower, and of course, 100% New England raw honey, Apiary Gin's forest pine flavors are mellowed by the delicious fruits of our little buzzing friends labor. Visit the distillery for a tasting or stir up an Apiary Lemonade to enjoy at home: 2 parts Apiary Gin and 4 parts fresh lemonade, then pour gin and lemonade over ice, stir, and garnish with fresh lemon & rosemary sprig.



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