Make the classics and create your own

Discover forgotten and new classics in over 750 drinks recipes directly sourced from pre-prohibition cocktail books including The Bartender's Guide (1862) by Jerry Thomas and Modern American Drinks (1900) by George Kappeler alongside modern classics such as Greenpoint and Paper Plane.

Create your own variations of these drinks by updating a classic with new ingredients or develop something entirely new. Either way, you can record your new creation and share it with the world.


We also help craft spirit producers build their offline and online marketing presence. Contact us to learn more.

Visit a small distillery near you

Fewer than 100 distilleries make up over 95% of the spirits produced in the United States every year.  That leaves around 4000 small distillers and bottlers to be discovered and visited! 

You can find craft producers in every state, from 267 in California to 3 in Mississippi, who are making everything from absinthe to whiskey (and Bourbon whiskey can come from anywhere in the US).

Find and support a distillery near you!

Support direct-to-consumer shipping of craft spirits

Ship My Spirits is a grassroots coalition with the common goal of modernizing the spirits marketplace to provide for direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits.

Spirits United is an online community of grassroots advocates united with a common goal to ensure adult consumers can enjoy distilled spirits where they want, how they want, and when they want, responsibly.